Rukmini Chakravatry is a practicing Artist living and working in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She graduated from Kalabhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, India in 2013, with a Masters Degree in Printmaking, and was awarded a Merit Scholarship for her work. While she specialized in traditional mediums of Printmaking like Woodcut, Intaglio, Lithography, Serigraphy, Gum print, Cyanotype and Collograph, her work as well as her research explored new intersections between Printmaking and other media. Her dissertation paper, titled ‘The Indian Printmakers Guild: Their perspectives on Printmaking’, was about a collective of Indian artists in the 90’s, examining how their cross-disciplinary work created a new appreciation for Printmaking as an art form.

Chakravarty’s Art projects while studying at Kalabhavana reflected a strong desire to engage the viewer to see a work of Art, not only as a final product but also as an experience of deconstruction to allow the viewer not only to understand the process of making a print, but also creating their own interpretations.

In the year 2014, to explore and increase her knowledge of other mediums, and to work in a multidisciplinary environment, she spent two semesters at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros, Greece and Tuscany, Italy. She Worked extensively using mediums like Oil Painting, Digital and Silver Photography, Printmaking (Etching), Book making and Drawing, besides studying Art History. Chakravarty’s work initially focused on a wide range of experimental study based projects, helping her not only to master the techniques but expand her way of thinking and viewing with each project.

After digging deep into the various mediums at the Center, Chakravarty searched for ‘ the story behind the face’  through documentary photography and the ‘story behind a human form’ through Book Making, combining different material. The documentary photography project was about hybrid people, especially those with a mix of Greek and other origins, who were living in Paros, Greece.  She studied their intercultural, political and historical experiences and viewpoints.The Bookmaking Art project was an extension of some of her projects at Kalabhavana, which aimed to impact on how the viewer experienced Art.

Chakravarty’s work has been exhibited at group exhibitions at Nandan Art Gallery, Santiniketan, and Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. She was selected in 2013 as a Resident Artist at the prestigious Lalit Kala National Academy of Art Community Studio in Kolkata, India.  Her overseas exhibitions were ‘3rd Student International small print show’, at the EL Minia university, Egypt and at the Aegean center for Fine Arts in Paros, Greece.