Hybridity and Inter – cultural links

While working with photography for a period of time in Paros, Greece, the thought came to my mind of wanting to find out what is behind the image in a photograph. To look for the story of the person I capture for a second, and study further their lives from their immediate surroundings.

To take this idea forward I decided to choose people living in Paros, with mixed origins like this Greek gentleman, from Alexandria, Egypt, who is married to a British lady. I was interested in studying their origin and history, to find out  what part of their original culture remained and what parts of other cultures influence their lives.This was through observation as well as from stories of their lives as seen through their eyes.

Within a span of two weeks, I spent time with them to understand their beliefs and views on history, politics, education, philosophy, family, people and life in general. I probed into their personal everyday activities and  habits as well as their joys and sorrows. All of this I documented through writing, photographs and recording their conversations.

John Polyzoides is a retired orthopaedic surgeon, of Greek Macedonian parents, who spent his childhood in Alexandria and went on to study and practice medicine in England. His wife, Jean Polyzoides, was born in England and married him while being his secretary. She spends her time now writing, cooking and meeting friends from all over the world who live in Paros. there whole life history can be deciphered by taking a walk all around their beautiful Parian house which has a touch of British architecture. The house is decorated with marble sculptures, pictures of medieval Greek icons, furniture from England, besides other objects collected from all over the world during their travels. The house faces the Aegean sea with a view of three other Cycladic islands like Paros, and there is no sign of any other Greek inhabitants, while the town is far beyond in the distant landscape.


John Polyzoides in his Study, Paros, Digital print, December 2014


Jean Polyzoides, while talking about her life, Paros, December 2014



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